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Balance Those Crazy Hormones With Dr Hoffman 

April 7 - $10 each or 2/$15 All proceeds going to Canadian Mental Health

Balance Those Crazy Hormones

You Will Learn:

- The most common hormone imbalance types

- Connections to blood sugar and weight gain

- Toxic hormones

- Stress and hormone balance

- An effective system for naturally correcting the problem

Perfect for anyone struggling with stress, weight problems, menstrual problems or menopause.

Dr. Hoffman has been a practicing chiropractor for over 27 years with a special interest in functional medicine, laboratory testing, nutritional supplements, diet and neurology. He completed his Master of Science in Clinical Neurosciences in 2022.



Practical Business Development Strategies for Small Business With Phil Duncan

April 13, 2022 - $22 includes Breakfast Buffet 


Phil Duncan recently created the popular and very accessible online course Practical Business Development Strategies for Small Business. His workshop will highlight the key points of the course focusing on start ups, new businesses and helping small companies with their Strategic Planning. Check out the course via the free preview or take the course in advance and come with questions you would like answered to the workshop.


You can view Phil's Course Here




Intentional Networking With Kari Lotzien 

April 20, 2022  - $22 includes Breakfast Buffet


We have heard of the benefits of word of mouth referrals and networking but are you truly optimizing this valuable resource? Networking is so much more than lunches, coffee meetings and getting to know people. This session will offer you 5 keys to making the most of your networking time.


Heart Plaque Paint Night With Paint Of Interest

April 26, 2022 - $35 with $15 of each plaque going to Canadian Mental Health

The event is perfect for mother/daughter, besties, co-workers, or a great place to meet new friends.

$35 includes the cost of the plaque, all paint supplies, instruction, and includes a $15 donation to Canadian Mental Health.

Pre-registry is required.



Networking Online With LinkedIn - By Chris Levia 

April 27, 2022 -$22 includes Breakfast Buffet 


Learn the essentials needed on LinkedIn as a Business owner or Sales Professional in this Webinar. Straightforward strategies that allow you to grow your network and develop proper business relationships with the platform. Avoid the common mistakes that can negatively impact your reputation while effectively developing more leads. Step by step direction on optimizing your profile. It's easier than you think


Growing Your Business With Crystal Schewaga

May 4, 2022 - $22 includes Breakfast Buffet 

Successful business owners are always looking to grow and adapt their business. In this session we will discuss programs available to business owners to help finance these changes though government programs and grants. Uncovering support available for business owners within Central Alberta at every stage of their development.



Why Is Being Efficient So Important For Your Business? With Kirsten Duncan

May 9, 2022 - $22 includes Breakfast Buffet 

Learn some essential tools and techniques to springboard your business efficiency to the next level. This talk will explain some of the key principles of 'Lean' that when applied to your business will easily save you time, effort and money every day.