Chalk Crayons

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Chalk Crayons, which are most compatible with our Reusable Signs!

These crayons are designed for adults and kids alike to write and doodle!

They are non-toxic, water-based, dust-free, wet-erasable and safe for little ones to use!

Can be used on most non-porous surfaces like windows, glass, mirrors, plastic, metal, rubber, etc!

Use to mark your wine glasses, decorate windows, label tupperware....get creative!

Colours consist of Pink/Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. Instructions:

1. Remove cap and write/draw!

2. Twist the end of pen to extend or retract chalk

3. Simply use a wet/baby wipe to wipe clean. Make sure surface is dry before next use. Suggested age: 3 and up with supervision