Charcoal Facial Pads

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100% organic bamboo charcoal fleece (2 ply) Gentle on sensitive skin.

Charcoal properties absorb moisture and skin toxins.  Bamboo charcoal fabric is made by drying and burning bamboo plants that are five or more years older; inside an oven at a temperature above 800˚C. The burnt bamboo now becomes charcoal. This charcoal is further processed and is made into nano particles. These nano particles are embedded into cotton fibres. These fibres are used to make bamboo charcoal yarn from which fabrics are manufactured. These fabrics possess antibacterial and antifungal qualities of natural bamboo. It has deodorizing abilities.  Fabrics made from bamboo charcoal do not have any chemicals, and hence is anti allergic. Nano particles are embedded in the fabric and not simply coated. Hence, the fabric remains durable even after many washes. This fabric cannot be dyed, as it will take away its eco friendly virtues.