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Jumbo Hair Drying Scrunchie

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  • Soft: These hair drying scrunchies are very well made with microfiber material. They are so lightweight and so absorbent at the same time. Suitable for dry and wet hair.
  • Save Time: They are large enough and made of microfiber, they absorb more water than a regular scrunchie would, cut down on the time it takes to air-dry your hair.
  • Comfortable: The towel scrunchies are very comfortable to wear. MUCH more comfortable than a regular hair tie.
  • Wide Application: This product works great for when you've just gotten out of the shower and don't need your wet hair dripping down your back. also great for the pool or beach.
  • Easy to Use: Just start a ponytail, pull through until near the end, and wrap the rest around the scrunchie, it will absorb a lot of the excess water.